Summer Trends 2020

Trends come and go. I believe that fashion is still a way to express yourself and you don't have to follow every trend. I have listed a few trends for the coming summer, which I think are great, but also some that I don't think are so good for me, which doesn't mean that the trends are nothing, is just my opinion and never directed against anyone. Everyone can and should wear what he likes. In this sense of the word we start directly:

1. shoulder bags (fanny packs)

Not only can you carry your things around with it, but you are automatically in line with the latest trends. Of course, this is nothing new, but at the moment you can't imagine life without the bags. Whether it's a messenger style or something small and neat, this is a great way to keep your stuff safe and fashionable. If the strap is too long for your taste, tie a small knot in it and you have a unique addition to your collection. The bag is a great way to spice up an outfit, and a practical way to do so. Here you can find my favorites:

I personally love shoulder/crossbody bags. I even have several and I love to have my outfits simply delivered with them. I usually carry my keys, yellow loot, and small stuff around with me and with a shoulder bag I always have my hands free.

2. Cuban collar shirts

Let yourself be carried into the summer with this stylish shirt with Cuban collar. With a distinctive collar and short sleeves, they are an easy way to spice up an outfit and make a real statement. You can wear them with a bold print or keep them plain. These shirts look especially cool in bright colors like yellow, blue or green. You can casually combine the shirt with jeans or with a fashionable Chino Bermuda. This is one of those trends that I personally don't put it on my list, not because I don't like it, but because it doesn't fit my style.

3. overknees shorts

Who does not know it, in summer it is much too warm to wear jeans shorts or Chino Bermuda. That is why there are overknees shorts which are oversized. Achieve the ultimate casual feeling in overknees shorts. This is a great way to protect yourself for the most part, but stay cool in the summer heat. No matter if you rock bottom parts with a strong pattern or keep them hot in a light color, you can't go wrong with these statement pieces. I usually don't like shorts that I find for myself that my legs are a bit too thin to show them but with the long shorts, I can do that this summer.


4. oversized blazer

Old school but make it fashion. Take yourself back to the '80s with an oversized blazer. Big and responsible, you give the indispensable suit jacket a twist by picking it up in a few sizes. Whether it's a pinstripe or a color, this is a great way to add a retro touch to a modern outfit without looking too formal. Oversized blazers are becoming more and more fashionable and I personally find it an easy way to be super trendy and instantly get around the world in comfort.

4. tie-dye

Everyone knows it and everyone knows how easy it is to do it yourself. Day Tie, the Reto look for trousers, t-shirts, and hoodies is very easy to achieve with bleach. Through the Tie-Dye, you can easily create a cool trendy piece of your own. Personally, I think Tie Dye is super cool and you can combine it super sporty.

5. handbags

Bags are also becoming more and more an essential part of men's fashion for every outfit. Not only in the women's world fashionable bags rule, but also now with the men. Whether bags that you can wear around your neck or bags that you hold in your hand. It is impossible to imagine life without them. The coming bags will also loosen the boundaries of gender division, which I think is great because fashion has no boundaries.

6. go sheer

Transparent jackets, transparent coats, and transparent shirts: the next summer season is all about becoming transparent. From trench coats, shirts and mandarin suit jackets showed at Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, and Versace, to cinematic tracksuits at Qasimi and almost invisible rock star T-shirts at John Lawrence Sullivan and Dsquared2.

7. High Waisted Trousers

Take it back to the ’40s with high waisted trousers. This is a flattering style that comes back into fashion every few years, due to its versatility. Channel your inner Marlon Brando by pairing them with a tucked-in T-shirt, or put a modern twist on the traditional pants by rocking them with an open shirt. From navy to cream, this is a great bottom half to wear all year round.

This is partly my opinion, it doesn't mean that something else is not trendy and it also doesn't mean that if you don't have the possibility to get such things, you are less cool or trendy. Fashion is for everyone and is implemented differently by everyone.

If you have some cool ideas about what I can write or something I would love to hear from you. You can always text me on Instagram.

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Martin Kettenmeyer also known as Martin_kto

xoxo - not gossip girl.

( Inspo: The Trendsetter, Vogue, Pinterest, GQ Style)

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