My Day in Quarantine :

At this moment I am having a lot of trouble sleeping at night. When my normal workday still took place, I usually went to bed around 10 pm, because I always had to get up early at 5 am. Since that is no longer the case and I am a small night owl, my sleeping time has changed. Now I go to bed at 1 am or at 2 am at the earliest, which is much too late for me. So I try to go to bed earlier and get up earlier too. At the moment I always get up at 10 o'clock which is a bit too late for me because I want to be closer to my routine when I was working. So now I try to go to bed half an hour earlier and wake up an hour earlier every day. Sounds easy but somehow it is not. That's why I sleep with the shutters open at the moment so that I immediately wake up from the daylight. When I get up in the morning, I try to lie down as little as possible, because I know that I will fall asleep again. I get up, make my bed and drink a cold glass of water to boost my mind and feel a little fitter. After I have done this, I always open my window immediately to get fresh air. That gives me a little wake-up kick. I am not a person who can eat something in the morning, but I try to get used to it because breakfast is very important. So that my body is not overstrained when I eat something I try to reduce it to light food. So actually I eat two cookies and that's it but well I think I'm not the only one who can't eat that much in the morning. After I have had a good breakfast (lol) I turn on my laptop and check my e-mail, usually, there are 10-15 Emails to answer. After I have done this I create my TODO list for the day simply because I set myself small goals every day so that I have a small sense of achievement when I chop something off. This is very important at the moment so that I don't just hang around on Netflix all day and for just that good feeling. Since I'm in many WhatsApp groups like almost everyone else, I answer all my messages and then I call my boyfriend like most of the time right now. Because we can't see each other at the moment we try to call all day long. Which actually works very well. Because I have more time at the moment than usual I concentrate on 2 things I normally don't have that much time for. Creating content and learning. I know that you can always find time to learn but since I always have a 40 hour week full of work it is often difficult for me to learn much for school. Since I'm doing my business studies I have enough time to learn and I also enjoy it in a funny way. That's why I try to chop off a couple of pages every day, the tasks we get from our professors, I have already done all of them and that's why I study for my intermediate exams and prepare for my final exams. For my content, I have decided to upload 2 posts to Instagram every day. For my blog, I'm currently working at full speed, changed the whole layout and now I try to create 2 blog posts every week. Besides I help several shops here in Luxembourg to create their content for social media. Due to the pandemic we have at the moment, a lot of stuff bought online but we shouldn't forget the people here in Luxembourg are struggling to keep their shop running. Because of the time I'm gaining through the whole situation, I'm trying to shoot more looks so I have more choice later on. In the evening my boyfriend and I always have a movie date, even if we can't see each other we still try to do normal things together and that includes watching a movie together. You could say that it is exaggerated but I have to say for myself that I was never one who was super affectionate but through all this, it has changed a bit. I believe that we will learn a lot from what we are doing at the moment and that there are some things we will not take for granted anymore. If everyone sticks together we will get out of it quickly but always remember to wash your hands.

I guess that's it for now however you spend your time in this Coronatimes I hope you have a lot of fun and love from your friends and family.

If you have some cool Ideaes what I can do at home or something you would love to tell me you can always text me on Instagram.

If you came this far please share it with your friends, post it in your Instagram Story, tag me and let me know about your thoughts are. I hope you stay safe and healthy and we remember that better days are coming.

Wash your Hands and Stay at home

Martin Kettenmeyer also known as Martin_kto

xoxo - not gossip girl.

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