Little Boy in a big city

When I think about how I took my first steps in Luxembourg as a child or hanging out with friends in the evening in the streets, or even on my first day at work, I never thought I would ever leave Luxembourg. The hardest part is not even leaving Luxembourg, it's just a city, sure I lived there for 20 years, partied and loved, but of course, I also made friends, not many but important people in my life, my family... I'm not just leaving a country, I'm leaving my mother and my dearest ones, and I'm leaving. Some people would think that I'm not happy to move, but I'm super happy about it. Really really happy. I am happy about the new time, new people, just a new life.

Why am I moving? Quite simply, I want more and also need more. Don't get me wrong, Luxembourg is okay, but okay is not enough for me. I'm going to study business management in Munich with a focus on marketing, and come on, that sounds cool. I will work more on Insta and also on the blog. I'm finally going to start living my life the way I want to. Sure it will be different, but I think it's exactly the right thing. Munich is wonderful, and the people are just different than in Luxembourg. Much more open and somehow different, very different, but I believe that isn't easy to explain.

My Last Week

I've been waiting for this week for months—the last week of work. My last week of work, now that the week is here, it feels very unreal. Like it's going to be a while before I leave the job that I've had for almost six years now. But what is a job anyway? Bram was never just a job; it was so many beautiful moments full of joy and hard work. I started there when I was 15, and you can almost say I grew up there. I made friends, and Bram became my second family. Of course, there are also negative things; I would be lying if I said every day was like sunshine, but overall I am super happy to have done my training there. But let's move on to my last day at work. I got up and felt the same as always but knew inside that something would be different. It was a very nice last day, I had lunch with my team, and we talked a lot together, of course, it was hard for me to leave, but a part of me is also very happy.

Sometimes I think I could do everything at the same time, even in my last week. I decided to move immediately after my exams. Monday the last day of work, Tuesday my written exam, Wednesday oral exam, and Thursday the move. Am I overwhelmed? Yes, in any case, but in a good way. Okay, let's start again briefly on Monday. My last working day was good and also kind of weird. Tuesday, the first exam, and believe me when I say I was shaking with nervousness. I have prepared for months for the day, yet I sat there as if someone had just told me that I had to take my written exam in the morning.

Written exam. On the whole, it went very well. Then on Wednesday, I had my oral exam, which was also pretty good. The moving day was on Thursday; we left in the morning, and then already at noon, we carried all the boxes in and partly cleared them out. On Friday, we set up my furniture, and I immediately fell in love with everything. I spent the rest of the days relaxing with my mother, which was very nice.

And now I'm sitting here in a city that is three times as big as Luxembourg, and if you were still there until here, then I'll say thank you in any case. You have feedback for me, then feel free to contact me.

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- xoxo


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