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Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Like all of us, I sit at home and have way too much time for myself. Which is rare as I usually work, have school and normal social life, I have a hard time keeping myself busy. However, I have a few things that I can do in the last 2 weeks by COVID-19, whatever (I try to imagine the whole thing a little bit nicer, but we should all take the seriousness of this time and always remember to WASH YOUR HANDS and STAY AT HOME.

What I really enjoy at the moment are podcasts, I love them and in my opinion, I hear the same voices through them far too often but everyone has a vice to carry.

So here you have

MY Favorite Podcast´s

( this is my opinion and it does not say that other Podcast are not good enough)

Mord Lust

Verbrechen und Ihre Hintergründe

In the True Crime podcast "MORD LUST Verbrechen und Ihre Hintergründe" Paulina and Laura talk about true crime cases from Germany. In each episode, the reporters focus on two cases on a specific topic and discuss criminal law and psychological aspects. In doing so, they explore questions such as What are the difficulties of a circumstantial trial? How do you persuade an innocent man to make a false confession? And how could the crime have been prevented? Murder out of greed, low motives or lust for murder - for most crimes there is an explanation and that is what they are looking for. In addition, the girlfriends discuss popular true-crime formats, accompany court cases and conduct interviews with experts.

I love this Podcast actually True Crime Podcast are not really my thing but because of Paulina and Laura I can't stop, it is a German Podcast and in my eyes, you have to listen to it.

Schwanz & Ehrlich

Is a blow job cheating already? What does the perfect cock look like? And how can no one ever talk openly and honestly about gay sex? Those three from the Rhineland are looking to answer these and other questions. Oversensitive, politically incorrect - and in any case always honest. Sex is funny, sometimes funny, often quite good, but always real - and that's exactly what the threesome wants to convey. After all, sex can and may do everything.

Mirko, Lars, and Micha talk openly about gay sex and at the beginning, I did not think that I would be interested but those boys have taken me in their funny way and changed my mind. The podcast is certainly not for everyone but it is very instructive and you will certainly be smarter by listening to them.

These are the 2 podcasts that I was looking for and hear very often, if you just find nothing on Netflix or you have nothing more to do, then listen to an episode of a podcast. Through the social distance that we are all experiencing right now, it is quite nice to listen to people talking.

If you have a podcast that you think is really good you can also send it to me, I would be happy.

Watch something

I know most people probably do that, but I haven't had that much time to watch a series or several movies in a long time. So my series and movies I am currently watching or have watched through COVID-19

Call me by your name

One of the love films that I have watched 4 or 5 times in the last few days. 17-year-old Elio Perlman spends the summer with his parents in a villa in northern Italy. There is not much to do and the teenager is bored to death. That changes when the American assistant of his father moves into the holiday home. The attractive Oliver turns the world of the growing Elio upside down. Although he has thought of himself as very educated so far, the teenager has to admit to himself that there is still a lot to learn in the matter of love. Italy, a love story, old literature - what more could you ask for

Julie and Julia

Julia Child comes to Paris in 1949, where she runs a cooking school with two partners and publishes the cookbook 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking'. 50 years later, Julie Powell, who had just moved from Brooklyn to Queens and was looking for a new challenge, discovers Julia's cookbook and decides to recook all 524 recipes in it. She documents her cooking experiments in a blog - to the great delight of an increasingly growing fan community in cyberspace.

A movie where you can laugh and just switch off as you are led into the world of cooking and just relax.

Spy Girls – D.E.B.S.

Amy, Max, Janet, and Dominique have qualified for training as super agents in the intelligence aptitude test through their unique gifts of lying, cheating, and fighting. Discipline, energy, beguiling beauty and strength are the virtues with which the power women start their dangerous mission against Lucy Diamond.

If you liked 3 Angels for Charlie then you will also like D.E.B.S, a mix of drama, love, and action that will take away the boredom.

sex education

Jean, the mother of inexperienced Otis is a sex therapist. He has a piece of his mother in him: together with the rebellious Maeve, he sets up a clinic for sex therapy at school, where he passes on what he hears at home.

A series that you can watch now and where you will certainly learn a thing or two and will certainly laugh. With a little drama and love the series is perfect for a watch party


The six friends Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, and Chandler live in the same neighborhood in Manhattan. Where they not only share the dishes, but also any heartache, professional successes, and defeats of any kind. Together they maneuver through everyday life, regularly spend time together in their favorite café and support each other, even if the friends could not be more different. The household community is mainly confused by love relationships among friends, which are sometimes more and sometimes less complicated.

Who does not know those 6 should watch this, because everybody will tell you that you can watch the episodes over and over again without getting bored.


Frank Gallagher lives like a single father with his six children. However, he spends most of his time in the bar and spends the little money available to the family on alcohol instead of food. His eldest daughter Fiona is forced to take on the role of mother for her siblings: the intelligent but petty criminal Lip, Ian, who hides his homosexuality, the responsible but fragile Debbie, the 10-year-old violent Carl and little Liam. Together the children try to master their lives in a creative, scandalous but also warm-hearted way despite their impossible father.

A series where you first have to watch a few episodes to like it. If you can handle vulgar expressions, drugs, and sex and are not ashamed of it you can watch the show and get addicted.

Whether movies or series, you have to do something and through the actors and their stupid ideas, you can make your everyday life a little better. If you have a series or a movie where you think that I have to see it you can write to me because I need something new to watch.

have a Home PhotoShooting

Even if you do not like to show yourself in front of the camera I can only recommend it. You will get to know yourself better and can easily kill some time and of course, you can let your creativity play. Take the one great job at your home and try to take some pictures, and believe me, you will enjoy it. I took a white lacquer and played around with the sunlight and it was so much fun and made me proud. Here are my photos before the editing:

Here are my photos after the editing:

Why am I showing you how my editing photos look like? Because you can play your creative side with it and you can spend a lot of time with it because there are hundreds of possibilities to edit your photos. I have edited these photos with the Picsart app:

You have a photo that you really like but do not know how to edit it then you can also contact me.

Change your style

You have clothes at home and don't know if they still fit you or how you can combine them. Then take your time and try it out, it's fun and you can also get an overview of your collection. Create a mood board with a new style you want to discover and try out new things. A mood board is an important presentation and working tool that is used in all design and communication professions. It is a collage of images of any kind, which for example present a precise concrete direction or help to explain contexts visually. A mood board helps you to discover a new style and create new trends. You can let your creativity run free and spend hours on end.

Mood-boards are a funny idea to realize a thought in pictures without much effort, you can find pictures on Pinterest and also on Instagram. You can also create mood boards for your house Deco.

Reading is what?


How many times have you said " I'll read that when I have time " now you have time, you can escape into a whole other world through a good book without having to get up from the sofa.

Books that move me or that I can read over and over again so that you might also get inspiration here are some of my books:

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a fantasy novel series by the English writer Joanne K. Rowling. It tells the story of the eponymous character Harry Potter, who on his eleventh birthday learns about his magical origins and from then on is a student at the British Wizard Boarding School Hogwarts. You know the movies but you haven't read the books? let yourself be carried away by the wonderful world of magic and learn that teachers are not always cool and that friendship often means family.

That is not enough for you, then here is a small introduction to the first book of the stone of wisdom.

The night of the second. November, a strange-looking old man named Albus Dumbledore appears and cat who is actually the transformed Minerva McGonagall and the half-giant Hagrid, who brings a small bundle on a flying motorcycle. Together they lay a baby in a bundle of linen outside the Dursley family home at privet path 4 in Little Whinging, Surrey - the orphaned Harry Potter. The black magician Lord Voldemort murdered his parents Lily and James Potter a few hours earlier. In an attempt to kill the 15-month-old son as well, the death curse intended for Harry fell back on Voldemort himself, destroying his body. Harry only left a flash scar on his forehead. Harry grows up in the bourgeois family of his aunt Petunia and her husband Vernon Dursley with their spoiled son Dudley. It turns out that he is no ordinary child because strange things keep happening in his environment. This is another reason why the Dursleys treat Harry very badly, so he has to sleep in a closet under the stairs and has to suffer from his cousin's tortures.

The 7 Books are amazing and worth reading.

Becoming Michelle Obama

The powerful and inspiring autobiography of former First Lady of the USA Michelle Obama is one of the most convincing and impressive women of the present. As the first African-American First Lady of the USA, she played a major role in creating the most hospitable and open White House ever. She became a forceful advocate for women's and girls'; rights around the world, working for much-needed social change towards a healthier and more active life, and also giving support to her husband as he led the United States through some of the country's most painful moments. On the side she showed us some casual dance moves, shone at the Carpool Karaoke; and on top of that, she managed to raise two down-to-earth daughters - in the middle of the merciless thunderstorm of media flashes. In this book, she tells her story for the first time - in her own words and in her very own way. She takes us into her world and tells us about all the experiences that made her the strong woman she is today. Warm, wise and forthright, she tells of her childhood on Chicago's South Side, her years as a lawyer and executive, her not always easy time as a working mother, her life by Barack's side and her family's life in the White House. Mercilessly honest and full of esprit, she writes about both great successes and bitter disappointments, both private and public. This book is more than an autobiography. It contains the unusually intimate memories of a woman with heart and substance, whose story shows us how important it is to follow one's own voice.

Such a beautiful and simple book to read it's just so so well written and I really like it.

I guess that's it for now however you spend your time in this Coronatimes I hope you have a lot of fun and love from your friends and family.

If you have some cool Idees what I can do at home or something you would love to tell me you can always text me on Instagram.

If you came this far please share it with your friends, post it in your Instagram Story, tag me and let me know about your thoughts are. I hope you stay safe and healthy and we remember that better days are coming.

Wash your Hands and Stay at home

Martin Kettenmeyer also is known as Martin_kto

xoxo - not gossip girl.

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