Casual  Look 1.0


I have chosen a sporty spring look with the main focus on my beige jacket. The jacket is a light field jacket that you can easily pull over in summer as it is very comfortable and light. Due to the simple design of the pice, it can be combined on many sides.

The whole casual look is underlined by the torn jeans, to keep the focus on the jacket I wear a white stand-up collar shirt with a white hooded sweater.
IMG_5435_Facetune_04-04-2020-19-12-13 (1

I love sneakers and find that a fashionable shoe completes the whole outfit. This sneaker is more colorful because the rest of the look is more relaxed.

Accessories are just as important as the air we breathe. I actually only use this small purse for my casual looks. Very practical and very trendy. Through the leather look and the color that matches the label of the jacket, the accessories are easily integrated into the look. 

Jacket : Calvin Klein

Hoodie : Zara men

shirt : Zara men

Jeans : Bershka Collection 

Shoes : Puma

IMG_5432_Facetune_04-04-2020-19-14-03 (1